Searching for the right tech stack for your recruiting workflow can be a daunting process, especially with so many options available. In this post, we’re comparing Interseller and Gem and highlighting where each tool stands out.


Interseller front site page

Interseller is an all-in-one recruiting solution that reduces the time it takes to engage with prospects and candidates by consolidating your sourcing and outreach efforts.

With Interseller, you can source contacts using our Chrome extension to find accurate work and personal emails across LinkedIn, AngelList, Crunchbase, Indeed, and Github, and automatically add them to your email sequences. Interseller integrates with your email account to ensure your email sequences are being sent directly from your inbox. You can also personalize your messages at scale with custom field variables and sync contacts and email activity to your connected ATS/CRM.

As your emails send out, you can track sequence performance at the user or team level with our reporting data to measure open rates, reply rates, and much more.

At Interseller, we believe in transparent pricing and contract flexibility so we offer monthly billing. On the Standard plan (includes work emails only), each seat is $100/month. On the Recruiter plan (includes work and personal emails), each seat is $200/month. If you’re part of an internal recruiting team or large team (10+), our Sales team can work with you to create a custom plan that fits your sourcing and outreach needs.

G2 Rating: 4.8/5

G2 Review from Nate O: “This is one of the easiest to use tools in the recruiting tool landscape. It’s a force multiplier with my sourcing efforts. It integrates with my ATS and makes it super easy to keep track of my sourcing efforts. On top of it all, they are a company that loves customer feedback and helps to build it for what we want, not what they think we want. Great tool, and great people that work there!”

If you’d like to learn more about how others have seen success with Interseller, you can check out our G2 Crowd page here:


Gem front site page

Gem is a recruiting platform that integrates with LinkedIn, your email account, and your ATS to combine your recruiting tech stack and automate your sourcing efforts in one place.

Gem’s platform allows you to send both InMail and automated email sequences to contacts while automatically tracking your outreach efforts. You can also add additional information for candidates such as custom fields, due dates, notes, and stages to manage your pipeline. For recruiting teams, Gem provides team reporting and analytics so keeping track of candidate outreach is a seamless process.

Gem also offers diversity recruiting as one of its features by tracking gender and race/ethnicity automatically so you can get a pulse on what diversity goals to prioritize and implement in your hiring process.

While Gem’s pricing is not publicly available, it sounds like it’s somewhere in the range of $4,000 per seat annually based on what previous Gem customers have told us. To get a price quote, you’ll need to get in touch with their Sales team so they can create a plan for you and your team.

G2 Rating: 4.9/5

G2 Review from Jordan S: “Gem has multiple products which are all beneficial in their own way but I would say the best part for me and my team’s needs has been the pipeline analytics report. It’s easy to use, filter, and understand what you’re looking at. And best of all it allows us to break down the pipeline and pass-through rates by demographics which has been instrumental to our ability to set meaningful diversity recruiting OKRs this year.”

To learn more about Gem, you can visit their G2 Crowd page here:

Where Gem wins

Gem has built their credibility as one of the most well-known players in the recruiting software industry, earning them the majority of the market share with a roster of clients including Peloton, Slack, and Lyft.

Some of the features that have made Gem a popular solution include email alias accounts, unlimited email lookups, and diversity recruiting. Gem offers both unlimited email lookups and email alias accounts, allowing you to have unlimited access to find contacts’ emails and message them on behalf of other accounts (i.e CEO, hiring managers, etc.). Since there’s not a cap on these features, it feels like you’re getting the most bang for your buck. Depending on the size of your team, Gem may also provide more contract flexibility.

Diversity recruiting can be a challenge for most recruiting teams, but Gem tackles this by automatically tracking gender and race/ethnicity to build a diverse pipeline. This can help recruiting teams ensure they’re tracking and measuring their diversity goals at every step of the hiring process.

Where Interseller wins

While Gem may stand out in certain areas, Interseller excels in data accuracy, contract flexibility, integration partners, and delivering a great user experience.

Interseller partners with some of the best data vendors to provide the most up-to-date personal emails with a coverage rate of 80% and an accuracy rate of 95%. We want to ensure our customers are connecting with the right people so we’re always striving to update and improve our data coverage and accuracy through our data vendors.

At Interseller, we value great partnerships with our customers and understand having contract flexibility is a big part of that. We offer monthly plans so you don’t need to commit upfront if you decide to go in a different direction later on. For teams larger than 10 seats, we can provide custom plans tailored to your team’s needs and goals.

Keeping your candidate pipeline organized in your ATS/CRM is an important part of building and maintaining an efficient recruiting process. With Interseller, you have access to over 30 integrations including Greenhouse, JobAdder, and Bullhorn to track and manage candidate communication. Our integrations allow you to automatically sync candidate information, job positions, and email activity to your connected ATS/CRM to ensure a streamlined workflow.

From the moment you sign up for Interseller, you have access to a dedicated Product Support team and CSM to ensure a seamless onboarding process, allowing you to optimize your Interseller experience from the get-go. A big part of delivering a great user experience is developing a dynamic product roadmap that prioritizes customers’ needs. Our Product team utilizes our open feedback loop to better understand what features customers want so we can continue building a great product.

Last updated September 2021

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