Our Team

Steven Lu

Founder & CEO

Steve's background comes from engineering, building websites ever since he was a teenager. He helped build successful companies like Compass and Abacaus and also built the Facebook Music App back in 2007.

Steven Brady

Head of Sales

Having spent over six years selling SaaS in NYC, Brady brings his “sales is a service” philosophy to lead sales at Interseller. Brady has spent time at companies of 3 - 3,000+ people, and most recently helped build the sales teams in NYC for Square and ShopKeep.

Jenn Vu

Product Specialist

Jenn is our in-house product wizard and foremost expert on all things bubble tea. She handles our support channels to provide the best experience for our users while also spearheading our content marketing. When she’s not sending GIFs and emojis on live chat, you can find her baking up a sweet treat.

Jacob Price

Head of Business Development

Jake has spent his career immersing himself in each phase of the customer lifecycle. He has worked in top-of-funnel sales, technical support, high-touch account management, and now heads up business development at Interseller. When he's not obsessing about the customer experience, you can find him playing Ultimate Frisbee for the elite men's squad in Philly.

Doug Rudolph

Senior Software Engineer

Doug’s background is in open source software, community building, and engineering. Doug has helped develop successful products like Unreal Game Engine and BuzzFeed. Doug is also a hackNY fellow and has been helping create welcoming tech communities since 2010.

Conor Kline

Senior Account Executive

Conor comes from the sports software industry where his primary focuses were account management, sales, and project management. He fills his spare time in the kitchen, on the links, or in a yoga studio.

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