About Us

We experienced the difficulty of sales first hand from our original product. Unable to afford the overpriced products on the market, we created our own internal tool. The tool simplified the processes and combined multiple workflows into one, making selling easy and fast. After realizing we solved a much larger problem, we changed our focus to developing our internal tool into a product. In January 2017, our internal tool made its first debut and launched as Interseller. Interseller grew into a recruiting product and eventually shifted its focus to recruiting in 2019.

What's with the space bear?

Meet Interseller's Space Bear! Space bear was born out of a mascot brainstorming session with the team. We wanted a mascot that resonated with our brand: warm, welcoming, and open to all. With a suggestion from our designer and several animals later, Space Bear was born. Get to know Space Bear better with these fun facts: Favorite food: Fresh honey from the hive ๐Ÿฏ Favorite movie: Interstellar obviously ๐Ÿš€ Favorite Interseller feature: The Chrome extension because Space Bear loves connecting with new people ๐Ÿค—

Our Team

Steven Lu

Founder & CEO

Jenn Vu

Marketing Specialist

Jacob Price

Director of Customer Success

Doug Rudolph

Senior Software Engineer

Conor Kline

Lead Account Executive

Kristina Finseth

Director of Growth Marketing

Maggie Portzline

Lead Product Specialist

Paddy Curtin

Senior Software Engineer

Dan Mochel

Account Executive

Erica Stacy

Sales Development Representative

Adriane Sidoli

Customer Success Manager

Kristal Brown

Product Specialist

Lyndon La Rosa

Software Engineer

Diana J. Yoo

Software Engineer

Jason Berliner

Customer Success Specialist

Our History



Space bear lands on Mars!?


April 2020

Interseller turns profitable


January 2017

Interseller launches


August 2020

Interseller becomes a remote-first company


July 2017

Expa invests in Interseller