Personalize 1:1 Emails

Interseller connects to your Gmail, Outlook, Exchange, or IMAP server to send personalized 1 on 1 emails to your contacts so they land directly in their inbox.

Automatic Follow-ups

Schedule a sequence of personalized emails that will be sent to contacts according to your email schedule. Emails will stop sending once the contact replies. Some highlights include:

  • Customize Follow-up Days
  • Sequence Stops on Contact Replies or Bounces
  • Follow-up on Existing Thread or Start a New Thread
  • Automatic Delay on Out-of-Office Emails

Schedule and Track Manual Tasks

Schedule manual tasks to perform outside of Interseller in between follow-up emails and keep track of when they're completed.

Sequence Level Reporting

Detailed statistics for each sequence can be seen on your dashboard including:

  • Open Rate
  • Reply Rate
  • Link Click Rate
  • Booking Rate