Individual Safety

Each individual user can control their own safety settings that best fits their workflow.

  • Deduplication: Stops messages from going out to new contacts who already exist in a sequence. Adjustable threshold settings determine whether to mark the new contact as a duplicate or not, depending on the status of the existing contact.
  • Account Throttling: The total number of contacts that can be actively reached out to at a company.
  • Account Replies: Replies from a contact will stop messaging to all other contacts in the replied contact's domain.
  • Blacklist: Personal blacklist that prevents messages being sent to specific domains or emails.

Team Safety

Team wide safety settings can be controlled by a manager or owner. Settings apply to all team members.

  • Deduplication: Stops messages from sending out to new contacts who already exist in a teammate's sequence.
  • Deduplication Scope: Adjust deduplication to work across your entire team or have deduplication work only across groups.
  • Blacklist: A teamwide blacklist that can be used to prevent messaging competitors or existing customers.
  • Account Ownership: Account ownership prevents team members from messaging an account that is owned by another team member.


For larger and segmented teams, groups enables customers to create private teams within a broader account. This keeps teams organized and operating together while still giving managers and owners global access to reporting.