Schedule customized email sequences that will be sent to a list of contacts. Interseller connects with your Gmail, Outlook, Exchange, or IMAP server to send 1 on 1 emails to your contacts so they land directly in their inbox. Emails will also stop sending automatically once the contact replies.

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Personalization at Scale

Personalize all of your emails using data from contacts such as name, company, and title or add your own custom fields. Messages to contacts can be customized on an individual basis to provide even more personalization when needed.

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Declutter Inbox

Keep your inbox clean by automatically handling responses from contacts that you don't need to respond to.

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Customize Sending Window

Define when and how often your emails are sent out. Set daily limits, frequency of messages, and timeframes to send out messages.

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Email Safety

Safety settings are available at both the team and individual level assuring that users are not reaching out to a contact they shouldn't be.

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