If you’re searching for the right tech stack for your recruiting workflow, you know it’s a noisy space out there. With no shortage of options, shopping for recruiting tech can be overwhelming. In this post, we’re comparing Interseller and SourceWhale and highlighting where each tool stands out.


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Interseller reduces the time it takes to engage with candidates by consolidating your sourcing and outreach efforts into a powerful recruiting solution.

Interseller lets you easily source contacts with our Chrome extension to find up-to-date work and personal emails across social sites such as LinkedIn, AngelList, and Indeed, and add them directly to your email sequences. You can also add personal touches to your email sequences at scale using custom field variables and sync contacts and email activity automatically to your connected ATS/CRM.

When your email sequences launch, you can track sequence performance in real-time with our reporting data to measure open rates, reply rates, and much more at the user or team level.

Interseller believes in contract flexibility and transparent pricing so we offer monthly billing as a pricing option. On the Standard plan (includes work emails only), each seat is $100/month and on the Recruiter plan (includes work and personal emails), each seat is $200/month. If you’re part of an internal recruiting team or large team (10+), our Sales team can work with you to create a plan tailored to your sourcing and outreach needs.

G2 Rating: 4.8/5

G2 Review from Kelli S: “Tons of things! First and foremost, I love the speed to market capabilities of this tool. In our business, speed to market is critical, this tool allows us to reach qualified candidates faster than our competitors. Secondly, the price point is great. The credits that we purchase from Interseller are much more cost effective than what we purchase from Indeed and LinkedIn. Thirdly, THE TEAM- I have a great account rep who is incredibly responsive and continuously jumps in to help my team use the tool better- Thank you Connor and Jake!!”

If you’d like to learn more about how others have seen success with Interseller, you can check out our G2 Crowd page here: https://www.g2.com/products/interseller



SourceWhale is a recruiting tool that helps streamline your prospecting and outreach process by combining your tech stack into one platform.

SourceWhale has a browser extension that works across Linkedin, Github, Facebook, and other social sites to find contacts and outreach to them. You can also set up multi-channel campaigns/sequences with SourceWhale, allowing you to connect with contacts at multiple touchpoints.

For recruiting teams, SourceWhale provides reporting and analytics on open rates, clicks, contact replies, and candidate sentiments so teams can better measure their performance and understand how to improve their hiring funnel.

SourceWhale also allows you to measure diversity metrics by automatically tracking gender and race throughout the hiring process to help you identify and tackle challenges in your talent pipeline.

While SourceWhale’s current pricing is not publicly accessible, it looks like the pricing is somewhere around $195/month per seat based on a demo from February 2021. To get an up-to-date price quote, you can reach out to their Sales team for more information.

G2 Rating: 5/5

G2 Review from Oliver H: “SourceWhale has an innovative design and great functionality. I’ve been able to utilize it to improve and speed up my process rather than change it. I save 2-3 hours each day from automating email follow-ups, LI activity, and reporting. The team is incredibly responsive and has added multiple features I’ve requested in a matter of days. The Diversity and Inclusion stats are also a huge plus which our clients love”

To learn more about SourceWhale, you can visit their G2 Crowd page here https://www.g2.com/products/sourcewhale

Where SourceWhale wins

Since being founded in 2019, SourceWhale has quickly established a strong reputation in the recruiting software space, allowing them to gain a large part of the market share.

SourceWhale has become a popular solution among recruiters, especially for their quality email lookups, diversity recruiting features, and the customer support they provide to UK based customers.

Based on G2 Crowd reviews, it seems like users have been able to find quality contact information with SourceWhale compared to other services. Finding accurate contact information can be challenging, so it’s important to have a reliable source to help streamline this process in your recruiting workflow.

With SourceWhale, recruiting teams can tackle diversity recruiting challenges by tracking gender and race automatically to ensure the hiring funnel includes diverse candidates. This can help empower recruiting teams to track and measure their diversity goals throughout each stage of the hiring process.

Since SourceWhale is based in the UK, the team is able to provide better support for UK based customers. Additionally, SourceWhale may have a higher coverage rate for UK contacts so they may be able to provide more up-to-date and accurate contact data for UK contacts than other platforms.

Where Interseller wins

While SourceWhale may stand out in certain areas, Interseller excels in offering more robust product features, providing quality contact data, and delivering a great onboarding experience.

At Interseller, we prioritize customers’ needs and user feedback in order to build a great product. This allows us to develop a more robust product offering which includes A/B testing sequences, integration syncing, and analyzing team reporting data at a holistic and granular level.

While SourceWhale may have better coverage rates and contact data for UK contacts, Interseller has a strong coverage rate of 80% and an accuracy rate of 95% for US contacts. Since Interseller is based in the US, we partner with some of the best data vendors to provide the most accurate and up-to-date personal emails for US contacts. Additionally, we’re always working towards updating and improving our data coverage and accuracy rates through our data vendors.

According to a G2 Crowd review from a previous Interseller user, SourceWhale has a “slightly higher learning curve” compared to Interseller. Interseller prides itself as being a user-friendly and intuitive tool so users can be reassured they’ll have a seamless onboarding process and can optimize their Interseller experience from the get-go.

Last updated September 2021

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