Email verification isn’t a new concept or concern, but it is something that more businesses are leveraging to improve their response rates, especially as more communication moves online. Simply put, an email verifier is a way to verify whether an email is actually valid.

Essentially, the goal with email verification is to ensure that a real person with a valid email address will receive your email. Today, we’re going to discuss why businesses should be utilizing an email verification system and how an email verifier actually works.

Leveraging Email Verification for Businesses

Effectively and efficiently reaching your target audience is central to business success. Your target audience doesn’t just provide you with a clear focus on who is most likely to be interested in your products or services, but it increases the likelihood of sales conversions.

A big part of ensuring you actually connect with your target audience is simply ensuring that you’re getting in contact with them. Too often, businesses will develop a solid email marketing strategy and still experience little to no results. One reason for this is that their emails just aren’t getting to real people.

Many business owners will spend time developing a mailing list with a few hundred people over time in order to send engaging email newsletters. This is generally done through things like blog content and lead magnets. With time though, many businesses realize that their email outreach list isn’t as active as it once was. More often than not, this is because the emails begin to bounce and all that hard work is down the drain.

Unfortunately, your email deliverability will decrease if you have too many invalid emails. When your email deliverability goes down, your bounce rate increases. In turn, a signal is sent to the ISPs that your sender’s reputation should decrease. When your sender’s reputation goes down, your emails will eventually land into the junk folder of the valid emails you do have.

This is where email verification comes in. Email verification helps businesses weed out invalid emails to see a better response rate. Even more, this improves the sender’s reputation. Businesses should always aim to have a high sender’s reputation because they are more likely to send emails that land right in their recipient’s mailbox.

5 Benefits of Email Verification for Businesses

If you’re still not convinced, here are five reasons why businesses should be utilizing email verification for email marketing campaigns.

Saves Money

The cost of storing email addresses and sending out campaigns can already be costly. But sending out email campaigns to invalid email addresses is not just costly but also ineffective.

An email verification system will help businesses decipher which email addresses they shouldn’t waste their time sending to. This means that there’s no need to spend any additional money on sending emails to addresses you won’t even get a response from.

Accuracy of Data

High-quality data is crucial in digital marketing. With that said, utilizing an email verification system will ensure that you are always accessing high-quality information pertaining to your target audience. This not only saves time but allows businesses to see a bigger return on investment as your email campaigns will be directed in the right place.

Improves Customer Engagement

Another benefit of an email verifier is that it improves customer engagement. Since an email verifier will help businesses identify incorrect or invalid email addresses, businesses will see more accurate responses. Even more, sending marketing campaigns to an accurate list will allow businesses to understand their audience’s interests better and know how to draft their next email marketing campaign moving forward for even better results.

Better Evaluation of Email Collection Methods

Most businesses collect emails from multiple sources. For instance, you may generate emails directly from your website or maybe from a free webinar. But, how can you tell if your collection methods are reliable? Email verification is a great way to do this.

If you notice that the emails you collect from your webinar are invalid, you can determine that webinars may not be the best email collection method. At the same time, if you find that all or most of the emails you gathered from your website are valid, you will want to focus your marketing efforts in the direction of your website.

Keeps Your Email List Updated

Working from an updated email list at all times is important for many reasons. For starters, it helps businesses save time, money, and market to potential customers more efficiently. Along with this, businesses are more likely to reach their marketing goals and increase lead generation when they can reach their target audience with more precision.

How Does Email Verification Work?

There are many platforms available that follow different verification methods. However, this is a general process to help you understand how email verification works.

  1. The email verification system will first identify any possible issues with the given list before it’s caught in the ISPs or ESPs. Essentially, it will check for any spam traps and remove them. It’s important to note that businesses are more likely to have emails with spam traps if they have purchased an email list rather than building one organically.

  2. The email verification system will then check the format of your emails. For instance, the system will look for emails that do not contain the “@” symbol or emails that are completely invalid.

  3. Next, the system will verify the domain. This means checking the DNS records to ensure the domain is correct and that the exchange server is able to receive emails.

  4. The last thing that your email verification system will do is validate the individual mailbox. In this stage, the system should utilize the SMTP protocol to ensure the mailbox exists and is able to receive emails.

An email verifier is a great tool for businesses to have under their belt. Email verifiers improve business efficiency, provide accurate data, and strengthen marketing efforts. With the help of an email verifier, businesses can ultimately see a bigger return on investment as it leads to improved lead generation and an increase in sales. If you’re interested in finding verified contact information for new prospects, contact us today to learn how we can help you reach your marketing goals.