This update will highlight all the features we’ve added in since the redesign. We’ve added reports, an improved Zapier integration, and branded domains amongst other minor improvements.


We’ve added reports for better data visualization on your pipeline. With this update, you can see both team reports and individual reports. To view individual reports you can either filter by a team member in the toolbar on the top left or click on the image in the contacts reached portion.

We’ve broken down the visualizations to make sure you’re getting the information you need to improve your prospecting and outbound process.

By looking at the number of contacts reached you’ll get a glance at the number of people messaged, who opened the message,and the number of replies received. By looking at the open times, you’ll get a better idea of when to send messages for the highest chance of a response. The messages sent section will give you a view of how many messages were sent out on any particular day.

reports screenshot


We’re proud to announce that Interseller is an official app on Zapier and is now its own feature within Interseller. With Zapier, you can sync contacts that you find using Interseller to over 1,000+ Zapier apps including Google Sheets, Microsoft Dynamics, Capsule CRM and more. You can even automatically add contacts into Interseller for email sequencing from any other tool also.

Read more about the Interseller + Zapier integrationhere.


Account Ownership in Safety Settings

Account ownership is a team-level feature that flags duplicates at the domain level. This assures that two different members of your team are not messaging the same company. In a case where a team member unknowingly adds a contact from a company that another team member has already reached out to, the second person will not be able to send the sequence.

For example: John, a member of the Interseller team, adds a contact from Facebook. A few days later, Steve, another member of the same team, adds a separate contact from Facebook for his sequence. Steve will get an error message and will be unable to message the contact at Facebook. The error message avoids confusion and prevents multiple people from reaching out to the same organization.

Previously, we only tagged duplicates at the individual level. With this update, you can now see duplicates at the company level through the domain.

To toggle this feature on go to Settings > Team Settings > Turn on Account Ownership

Account Ownership Screenshot

Preview mode with contact enrichment data

To help you personalize your outreach, we’ve added contact enrichment data in the sequence preview mode. Once you’re in preview mode, you can click through multiple contacts and personalize emails equipped with the data you need.

preview contact

Enhancements to Email Lookup

We’re constantly working to improve email lookups. With our recent updates, there has been a 16% improvement in email lookup accuracy.

Branded URLs

To improve email deliverability we’re launching branded domains, a unique tracking domain for each one of our eligible customers. Currently, we’re using one tracking domain across all emails for open tracking, click tracking and unsubscribe links causing a decrease in deliverability. In initial testing, we’ve seen a 20 percent jump in open rates and almost a 2x reply rate conversion.

Read more about how Branded URLs are helping improve open & reply rateshere.

Sync the Title of a Sequence to Salesforce & Hubspot

You can now sync the title of a sequence to Salesforce & Hubspot. To do this go to:

Integrations > CRM/ATS > Field Mapping > Customize > Select “Sequence Title”

sequence title mapping