branded domains screenshot

To improve the deliverability of our emails we’re launching branded domains, a unique tracking domain for each one of our eligible customers. You can now choose a personalized domain to white label all of your email links with your brand. In initial testing, we’ve seen a 20 percent jump in open rates and almost a 2x reply rate conversion.

Before, we used a single tracking domain across all emails for open tracking, click tracking and unsubscribe links. This single domain was also shared across all of our customers. As our customer base grew, the deliverability of that tracking domain decreased causing an increase in bounces and spam issues.

To fix this, we introduced more domains and subdomains to provide each customer with better deliverability when tracking emails. Although this improved deliverability rates, we also wanted to improve the experience of the propsects you are reaching out to.

Branded domains are a much better solution than the additional domains/subdomains because each user receives a unique tracking domain that is a part of the user’s company website.

For example, you can now have your own domain like “”. This separates you completely from our pool of customers since its under your own website and not shared with anyone else but your team.

There are a couple of requirements to get onboard:

1. You’ll need to be part of a team to get started

2. Each team member needs to have the same email domain

3. Have been a customer for 3+ months or under one of our yearly plans

If you’re interested in adding your own branded domain, feel free to get in touch with us. Make sure you have access to your website’s DNS or domain records. If you’re not sure what this is, you may want to ask your IT team or webmaster for more details.

To get started on your own visit Interseller’s branded domains setting pagehere.