Email is a vital form of communication for recruiters. Invalid emails mean lost money, time, and a decrease in productivity. How can recruiters make sure that the emails in their database are in fact verified? This is your guide to email verification, why it is important, and the best ways to not only verify an email address but to find one.

What is Email Verification?

Verifying an email address is the process of making sure that the address is valid and deliverable. This also includes confirming that the particular email address does, in fact, exist with a reputable domain such as Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, etc. Email verification is a procedure that every recruiter needs to implement in their marketing strategy and here’s why.

Why is Email Validation Important?

Sending out emails to non-deliverable addresses is both a waste of time and money. It lowers your ROI (return on investment), triggers hard bounces, and gives you inaccurate data about your email marketing program. There are several reasons verifying email addresses is important. They include:

  • Verified emails translate into real people and not bots. Bots can wreak havoc on your data.

  • An email that has been verified has a higher marketing value because you know that there is a real person receiving your company’s messages on the other end.

  • You are able to swiftly and accurately notify customers of potential site issues, announcements, and breaches when email addresses have been validated.

  • Prevent leaking confidential client information by validating email addresses.

  • Valid emails are the best way to collect quality data.

  • Verifying email addresses will protect and increase your sender reputation.

  • Reduce instances of spam complaints by verifying email addresses.

  • Verified emails mean a higher conversion rate of emails that are sent versus opens and clicks.

Verifying email addresses not only protects your consumers but it also protects the reputation of your company and builds trust and loyalty with your clients. An email database is useless if a significant portion of addresses aren’t even reaching their intended audience.

How Do Invalid Emails Occur?

Every recruiter at one point or another will experience invalid emails. It is not a matter of if, but when. How do bad email addresses end up in your database? There are two main reasons that invalid emails occur:

1.Typos from visitors — Visitors may be typing too fast and not catch the typo before they submit their information. One wrong letter, number, or symbol can make an email invalid. These are unintentional mistakes.

2.Purposeful misdirects — The second category is bots or fraudulent users who are purposefully giving out invalid email addresses to avoid giving you real ones that can be traced back to themselves.

Unfortunately, when looking at data an unintentional typo and a purposeful misdirect is indistinguishable, making both types of occurrences equally undesirable.

How Can You Verify Email Addresses?

The most obvious way to verify an email address is to send an email with a verification link. However, there are a couple of problems with this method that makes companies want to find an alternative solution. The first is that if the email address is invalid, it will cause a hard bounce and skew your email marketing data. The second is that a verification email requires an additional step from the user before the account is activated and marketing emails are sent out. This leads to lower opt-in rates. Fortunately, this is not your only option. Let’s take a look at a couple of different options to verify email addresses without sending an email.

Auto-Complete Feature

This is a feature that you install on your website that allows visitors to automatically select the correct domain name from a drop-down list of the most popular. Although this isn’t foolproof for those who are purposefully trying to misdirect the emails, it is great for catching typos made from visitors who truly want to subscribe.

Use a Comprehensive Email Verification Tool

Email verification tools are a great way to quickly identify invalid email addresses. Interseller takes it to the next level by offering a comprehensive email verification tool that saves you time and money. Users can rest assured that emails are verified when they are added and before a message is ever sent out. This feature helps to significantly reduce the bounce rate and ensure that your data is accurate. Interseller’s email verification methods include:

  • Analyzing the email format

  • Detecting disposable email addresses

  • Verifying that the mail server exists

  • Identifying spam traps

  • Ensuring the server recognizes and catches all emails

  • Verifying that a Google account does exist for Gmail accounts

An email verification tool is a great way to automatically detect undeliverable email addresses.

What If You Need to Find an Email Address?

There may be cases in which you have a name and/or a website and are in need of an email address. There are a couple of different ways you can go about tracking down an email address:

  • Scour the website’s ‘Contact Us’ and ‘About Us’ sections for an email address.

  • Check social media accounts such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

  • Interseller’s email finder allows users to find all possible email addresses for any contact just by entering a name and website. They use state-of-the-art algorithms and multiple data sources to retrieve email addresses attached to the contact.

The ability to quickly and efficiently find a contact’s email address is a key part of an effective email marketing and outreach program.

Your Secret Weapon

Despite advancements in technology and new ways of communicating, email tends to still be the most effective way of getting your message across to your intended audience. This makes email verification more important than ever. Interseller’s email verification and finder software is every top recruiter’s secret weapon. It’s time to stop wasting countless hours sending out emails that never reach a destination or searching endlessly for a client’s email. See for yourself why you need Interseller!