Hiring the right candidate is never an easy task for HR professionals. In addition to hiring the candidate with the best skills, you also have to make sure that they are the right fit for your company culture. It is your duty to make sure that the company has a diverse pool of rich talent and that they will uphold the company’s brand.

Now, with the current rate of unemployment, it is not uncommon to receive hundreds of applicants trying out one job. This makes your work even more difficult as you have to manually wade through all the applications, looking for suitable candidates. It is a time-consuming process.

This is where recruiting tools come into play. Recruitment automation software eases the whole process by making it easy for you to tailor candidate searches to your unique specifications. This allows you to find the best candidate and with minimal effort.

Here are the top 5 essential recruiting tools that can help you make the right hire.

1. Textio (Optimizing Job Adverts)

All the best candidates in your industry probably have dozens of choices to pick from, so how do you make sure that they choose your company? Textio is a recruitment marketing tool that allows you to create a custom ad for your open position with ease. This tool takes the uncertainty out of your recruitment marketing by using past data to determine which ads would perform best.

One of the reasons why top candidates aren’t applying for your job is because you use complex jargon that scares them off. Words are powerful tools, and this recruiting software lets you customize your message based on your target candidates. Simply put, Textio allows you to optimize your job advert so that it’s appealing to your preferred candidates.

2. Harver (Preselecting Candidates)

Harver eliminates the hustle of skimming through hundreds of applicants just to choose a few people for an interview. This recruitment software digitally transforms the prequalification process while eliminating all bias. It collects the data you need to make the right hire and then uses it to disqualify unqualified candidates.

This hiring tool automates one of the most repetitive tasks in the recruitment process, giving you time to focus on other key activities. Candidate assessment is done based on 15 modules, including culture fit, cognitive abilities, typing skills, etc. it also has situational judgment fit tests that are tailored to your organizational needs and only rank the candidates based on how right they are for the job.

Harver has a scheduling feature that allows candidates to schedule interviews, which are then automatically added to your calendar. With these tools, you will only be interviewing the best candidates for the position.

3. Click Boarding (To On-board New Hires)

The onboarding process can either make or break a new hire’s decision to stay on your team. How you absorb them into the organization can be the determining factor between them being long term employees or temporary ones. Click Boarding allows you to create workflow processes that are specific to them based on their role.

You can also include a welcome message, either as a video, image, or map…basically, anything that tells the story of your organization and your work culture. Click Boarding also eliminates paper documents by allowing the new hire to fill in W-4 and I-9 forms on the platform.

Assigning tasks are readily doable on this software, and you are able to see when tasks get completed, who completed them, as well as any outstanding tasks.

4. Jobpal (Chat Automation Tool)

The recruitment process is like a global war amongst companies for the top talent. To ensure you keep the candidates engaged, continuous automated assistance is important. Jobpal recruiting technology is like a Chabot that keeps the candidates engaged throughout the hiring process, from pre-screening to pre-boarding.

It makes the interview process seamless by sending them relevant information throughout the recruitment process. Jobpal can also be integrated with popular social platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook messenger.

5. Interseller (Contacting New Candidates)

One of the things that makes the hiring process a nightmare is reaching out to the right candidate. Interseller eases the workload and increases productivity by helping you build your candidate pipeline in one platform. Normally, the manual recruitment process requires you to identify the right candidate through a rigorous search like a LinkedIn candidate search. You then have to manually search for the candidate’s emails, a process that is extremely tedious.

Once you have all the emails, the next step is figuring out how to contact them, followed by scheduled follow-ups and eventually, the candidate’s feedback. Long and boring, right? Not with Interseller! It integrates all these processes into one, providing you with a simple and effective way to source the candidate’s emails and engage with them


  • Source - this is a chrome extension that allows you to find contact emails at the touch of a button and to add them directly to the sequence. The extension has a verification feature and a mail import and export feature.

  • Outreach - this feature enables you to schedule a sequence of personalized emails to the candidate and only stops follow-up emails once they reply. It also enables you to merge your emails and has an autoreply feature.

  • Connect - the connect feature allows you to connect your customer relationship management or applicant tracking system with Interseller. It also enables you to track how your email sequences are performing.

Streamline Your Hiring Process with the Above Tools

Being responsible for getting the right people in the door at your organization is already difficult on its own, without the help of tools and technology. The above recruiting tools make it easy for you to make the right hire for your company without going through the hassle of a very time-consuming and manual recruitment process.