Last year, we launched Email Uncovered, a video channel focused on sharing actionable tips on all things email deliverability and strategy.

Based on the number of times each video has been played, here’s a look at our top 5 engaged tips:

3 Quick Tips on Email Deliverability

In this video, we share 3 quick tips on email deliverability so you can make sure you’re landing in the inbox, not spam.

3 Cold Email Templates for External Recruiters

In this webinar replay, Mark Whitby, one of the world’s leading coaches for the recruitment industry, shares high-performing cold email templates recruiters can start using for business development outreach today.

How to Use LinkedIn Voice Messages Effectively

In this video, we share everything you need to know to get started with LinkedIn voice messages in less than 5.5 minutes. You’ll walk away with how they work, a template to customize, and an example of a message used everyday in our own outreach process.

3 Email Templates to Replace “Thoughts?”

In this video, we share 3 cold email follow-up templates that are more powerful and effective than “thoughts?” or “just checking in, did you get my last email?”

3 FAQs About Spam Filters

In this video, we go over 3 frequently asked questions about spam filters: (1) How do I avoid being blacklisted? (2) What can I do to stay out of spam? (3) How do I know if I’m actually landing in spam or the inbox?