Email real estate is limited (and quite frankly, valuable), so your main message to a prospect needs to be focused, direct, and punchy. You’ve got to get their attention, amiright?!

However, there is a way to get more real estate without detracting from your main message, and I believe it’s sorely underutilized by most folks.

I’m talking about the power of adding a P.S. at the end of your cold emails.

Here are 3 main use cases and examples where I see the use of a P.S. work well:

1 - To personalize

Let’s say you’re using more of a one-size-fits all email to your prospect (not to be confused with bad practice or copy). There may still be something small you’d like to use to personalize, but again, not detract from the main message you’re sending them.

Maybe they post something about dogs, and you’re an animal lover yourself. Use it! And yes, it can be as simple as that, trust me.

Here’s an example:

image (4)

2 - To give

The second use case for a P.S. is to give something to your prospect or recipient. Usually this can include a recording, an article, something to add more color and value to your outreach.

Here’s an example:

image (5)

3 - To promote

The last use case is to promote. This is a great way to highlight a key component of your product or service that will resonate with your target audience.

Again, we aren’t making that the main focal point of the message, and instead unwrapping one thing that will potentially generate curiosity in our recipient.

Here’s an example:

image (6)

A P.S. can be a really powerful play, especially if you’re using less personalization on the front end of your messages.

Hot Tip: If you want to use a second P.S. it’s P.P.S, not P.S.S. Sometimes that can work well as part of the P.S. strategy, so try it out!