Let’s be real: No two prospects or candidates are alike.

This means people will respond differently to outreach via email, cold calling, or social channels like LinkedIn.

This also means it’s important to run a multi-channel outreach process when trying to get a passive candidate’s or prospect’s attention.

One of the most effective (and honestly, under-utilized) ways to reach out is through a LinkedIn voice message. But, if you’ve never sent a voice message on LinkedIn before, there are some things you ought to know.

  1. You must be connected as a 1st level connection on LinkedIn.

  2. You can only record + send a voice message through the LinkedIn app on your phone.

  3. Your recipient can listen to your voice message from any device.

  4. You only have 60 seconds to impress (but you should keep it between 30-45 seconds tops).

In this video, I go into detail about how to use LinkedIn voice messages as part of your outreach strategy. You can also check out the process document I put together for more information + my go-to script for a 40 second voice message.