Data Processors

Last updated: May 5, 2023

The following is a list of products and vendors that we use to process your data, along with their location and description of use.

Name Location Subprocessing activities
Amazon Web Services United States Hosts our architecture and servers
Cloudflare United States We use Cloudflare as our WAF which scans all traffic to our infrastructure for threats
Fastly United States We use Fastly’s Signal Sciences as our WAF which scans all traffic to our infrastructure for threats
G Suite United States We use G Suite for email communication with potential customers along with creating spreadsheets and documents
MongoDB United States Hosts all of our data and data warehouses
Segment United States We use Segment to help us process data and analytics
Sentry United States We use Sentry to track and report application errors throughout the Services which helps us fix issues before they are reported
Stripe United States We utilize Stripe as our payment processor
SumoLogic United States We use SumoLogic for application logging to help our team debug issues
Zendesk United States We use Zendesk to provide timely email support to our customers

Optional Subprocessors

Name Location Subprocessing activities
Glocksoft United States When explicitly requested, we use Glocksoft to help diagnose spam issues with your email account
Mailgun United States We use Mailgun to receive emails programatically
Nylas United States We utilize Nylas only for IMAP and Exchange accounts to process emails and send emails for those accounts specificly; we process Gmail, G Suite, and Outlook 365 accounts directly