There are two key components to any successful project in business: measurability and verifiability. At Interseller we take both measurability and verifiability very seriously.

Our goal is to help customers save time and prospect without any friction. We do this by tracking a multitude of metrics to make sure our users have a pulse of what’s happening.

If you have not sent out a campaign yet, have a look at a campaign we sent out to Australian recruiting firms.

What metrics does Interseller Track?

On our dashboard you’ll find the following metrics:

Contacts: people that have been added to the selected contact list.

Ongoing: email sequences that are still open and waiting for responses that have not ended yet or unsubscribed.

Opened: this shows who has actually opened the email

Clicked: if there was a link in the email, this metric tracks who clicked it.

Replied: the amount of responses you’ve received in the campaign

Bounces: Tracks the amount of email bounces you’ve had

Need Attention: one of 3 errors has occurred: invalid email, duplicate email, or there’s missing information.

Booked (a fan favorite): Interseller syncs with your calendar and lets you know the amount of booked meetings you have.

We do more than just track metrics, we also track data on the contacts you add.

If you’d like to see what information we have on any individual contact, click through his or her email. You’ll find a sidebar on the right half of your screen with all the LinkedIn enrichment data. If you click on the clock icon, you’ll see all the engagement you’ve had with the individual.

A timeless sales axiom states: the best ability is availability.

Use this clock feature to your advantage. By tracking engagement daily you can see when someone is online. If you reach them at that very moment you’ll increase your chances of response.