If you’re an Interseller user there’s a pretty good chance you’re a LinkedIn user as well. For those of you who use LinkedIn, we’ve built a custom chrome extension to make prospecting easier. Our LinkedIn chrome extension is one of the most liked features of our current users.

After downloading theChrome extension Here, go to LinkedIn.

Interseller's Chrome Extension

(source:Interseller Chrome Extension)

Once you’re on LinkedIn and on a potential prospects website you’ll notice, after clicking on the chrome extension, that individual’s name and email pops up. From there you can add that individual to a previous or new campaign.

Let’s say you’re doing a broad search of someone’s title and geographic area, for example: head of sales/ New York, you can choose to select the individuals you’d like to add to your campaign by simply clicking select or select all.

Interseller Chrome Extension Search Select Feature

(source: Interseller Chrome Extension Search Selection Feature)

After adding the individuals you’d like to get in touch with they will appear on a sidebar on the left hand side of your screen.

Interseller LinkedIn Sidebar

(source: Interseller LinkedIn Sidebar)

Please Note: DO NOT click create campaign until all profiles are selected and added to the sidebar. To know whether all the results have loaded or not check to see if the last profile in the search has an email listed or a no email found message. **

Once complete, go ahead and select which campaign you’d like to add the contacts to and hit save contacts.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully uploaded an email list of prospects using Interseller’s Chrome Extension.