What is Github?

Let’s break it apart into Git and Hub. Git is a version control system used by developers to track changes when coding. Think of it similarly to tracking different versions of a document, powerpoint or excel file before google-docs real time tracking.

The hub part is more interesting for our use case, it’s a social network for developers. All of the changes created by a developer are tracked on a public GitHub profile which acts as a resume. This resume allows developers to meet other like minded individuals and to contribute to open-source projects.

Steven Lu's GitHub Profile (source: Steven Lu’s GitHub Profile)

Why does it matter to you?

If you’re a senior technical recruiter or someone who’s looking for technical talent GitHub is the place to be.

Using Interseller you can go to an individual’s profile who may have contributed to a project similar to the one you’re recruiting for and find their email.

To do this, you’ll need to click on the individual’s profile. Once you’re on it the Interseller button will be found underneath the follow button.

Interseller's GitHub Widget (source: Interseller GitHub Widget)

Upon clicking you’ll find a window pop up which will show you the individual’s emails and ask you which campaign you’d like to add the contact to.