This month we bring you several new features for the holidays to help you be more efficient with your time. This includes the ability to lookup many emails at once, new scheduling features, and improvements to integrations.

Bulk Lookups

Have a large list of names and company websites, but need their contact information in order to get in touch? Jump over to ourlookup tool and you’ll now have the option to upload a CSV to lookup emails in bulk instead of looking up each contact individually.

Read thefull blog post to see how it works!


First Step Delay - You’re now able to add a delay to your first email for new contacts instead of it sending as soon as it’s in your schedule. It’s great for when you want to allow yourself more time to personalize that first email before it sends off.


Scheduling Steps - Want to customize that email step and have it land in your prospects inbox at a specified time? Now you can do exactly that! When configuring the steps for your campaign you may have noticed a “Schedule” label right next to “A/B” testing. Tapping schedule will show you time options on when that particular email will be delivered to all the contacts in that campaign.

Integration Improvements

Salesforce Activity Sync - All messages sent through Interseller and responses received from contacts can now be automatically synced over to Salesforce through the native Salesforce API. This means you no longer need to include the Salesforce BCC, and you’ll start seeing contact responses synced as well! If you head over to yourintegrations settings you’ll now see an option to enable logging messages to and from contacts.

ProsperWorks Improvements - Contacts sourced from Interseller can now be synced into ProsperWorks as either a lead or a contact. We’ll also set the lead owner as the user who added the contact.

HubSpot Improvements - Contacts synced into HubSpot now get tagged with the lifecycle state as a “Lead”.

We hope you enjoy all of these new features! Each update is aimed at continuing to make Interseller the easiest way to get connected with your prospects.

Happy Holidays!
The Interseller Team