We’re announcing a new feature today where you can upload a CSV of names and websites and get their fill a column with email addresses. It’s a great way to lookup emails fast with a spreadsheet without needing to do any copying and pasting.

Let’s say you’re researching for contact information and emails after collecting names and companies from a recent event. As long as you have their name and company, you’ll be able to grab their email address in no time. Here’s an example:

bulk csv

Each and every email that we provide is validated and made sure that it doesn’t bounce so that you can feel confident that your list is of the highest quality. We also don’t charge you a credit for any rows that we cannot find an email for.

Whether you have a list of 100 contacts or a 10,000, give it a shot! You can find it on the Tools page underbulk lookup and get emails for your list in a matter of minutes.