If you’re looking to find the best methods possible to help you locate candidates of the highest quality, then you need to be using the right apps, websites, and programs to find the best people. Here are some of the best recruitment tools around that help you get through every stage of the process.

Textio (Recruitment Marketing)

The tool called Textio makes it so that you are more likely to get the best candidates to apply in the first place. Textio gives each candidate a score based on their fitness to be considered for your position.

By using approaches like Textio Flow, the tool makes it easier to appeal to the kind of top applicants companies want to bring in to their organization. It’s a way of taking a recruitment message you write yourself, no matter how rough it is and turning it into something more effective at reaching interested candidates.

It’s important to get as many qualified candidates as possible so that you have the widest possible pool to choose from for matching a position perfectly. Textio offers a live demo for those who want to try it out.

Harver (Pre-Selecting Candidates)

Harver helps you to save time by narrowing down the candidates best suited for a job you’re offering based on a matching score. It helps you identify “top performers” among your applicant pool. That way you can focus on only those candidates first before you go further down if you still haven’t found anyone that fits.

The tool gives you a breakdown of their skills as well as a percentage for how well they match what you’ve indicated that you’re looking for in a candidate. The tool will even make a comment about just how effective of a match each candidate really is.

Also, the advantage of Harver is that it scales well. This means that as your company becomes more successful and needs more and more staff members, Harver will be able to handle them. They will also be able to handle it if you need to have a higher number of potential candidates in your pool as well for whatever reason.

Harver has significant support for those who work with them, being available for support around the clock and in 47 different languages. They have also implemented a high-level enterprise-grade security system which is even more important now than it has been before. This includes compliance safeguards as well since compliance standards are trending high.

Recently, Harver has made sure to implement strategies to get the percent of female hires up to 44 percent. They have also cut the time to hire by over half.

GoCo (Onboarding Software)

GoCo is onboarding software that makes it easier for candidates to make the transition from being a new hire to joining a team. The advantage here is that GoCo has an all in one approach that is highly customizable. It helps companies make a strong first impression on new hires in order to lower the rate at which the new hires don’t make it into long-term employment.

In the past, onboarding could sometimes take days to weeks. With software like GoCo, it can instead take only a few minutes. For example, the hiring, onboarding, and general workflow processes can be all automated to flow from one to another with the tool. The software also allows for things like digital signatures and embedded payroll to connect into these processes. You can also even bring your own.

TalkPush (Chat Automation)

TalkPush uses chatbots and other tools to handle automated tasks on your behalf, especially the repetitive ones. That way, you can focus on the most important parts of the recruitment process that require your personal touch instead of just the initial contact for those visiting the page for the first time, which tends to always follow a similar kind of script.

TalkPush helps to do things like connect all of your different marketing channels together, it can help to track what leads you have from the bot’s first interactions with them.

The tool is focused on shifting the conversation directly to a live human recruiter right at the moment where they are needed. It allows for voice conversations or text conversations right at the point of the transition.

The advantage of chat automation through TalkPush is that it makes it so that people can get the process of obtaining employment through your company much easier for applicants since they may not have the time to do it otherwise. Their schedule might make it so they have to apply at odd hours as well, for example.

Interseller (Contacting New Candidates)

Making initial contact with candidates from other processes then requires the next step of following through and starting the most promising candidates through the process. Especially in situations where human agents weren’t available, being proactive and contacting them is often a critical step otherwise they may lose interest.

This tool can help you in identifying candidates initially, locating their email, creating the proper approach for contacting them, scheduling automatic follow-ups, and then aiding you in continuing the correspondence after the candidate responds back.

This can take a significant amount of time, effort, and resources. However, Interseller allows you to automate many of these processes so you don’t have to worry about it. Plus, it does this all in one tool rather than making it so you have to jump back and forth between many different ones.

Getting Started

For more information about how to automate recruitment processes to make life easier, please make sure that you don’t hesitate to go ahead and contact us today. The faster you contact us, the faster we can get started on showing you how we can help bring automation to repetitive tasks you would have to do yourself otherwise as a recruiter. In no time at all, you’ll find yourself with a significant amount of time back.