We’ve done the heavy lifting and compiled all the latest recruiting industry news from July into our top picks. If you’re looking to catch up, here are the must-reads to add to your list.

Why Flexibility is Vital for Hiring and Retaining Top Talent

In this RecruitingDaily article , flexibility is a key expectation candidates in today’s market expect from current and future employers. Flexibility equals a more engaged and productive workforce. Check out this article (which is chock full of data points) to dig in more.

Job Stability Could Solve the Retention Crisis

In this Unleash article , there are clearly different priorities between each generation of employees – but most ranked job stability in their top three reasons they wouldn’t look for a new job. Check out this article for more data, insights, and generational insights.

Tackling the Talent Shortage Myth

In this Global Recruiter article , they are debunking myths and common misconceptions around the talent shortage. TLDR: HR leaders need to rethink how they evaluate and deliver experiences and opportunities to talent.

How to X-Ray for Hiring Managers

Candidate sourcing strategies are a hot topic right now, but what about x-ray searches for hiring managers (AKA your potential clients)? In this Recruiting Brief article , you’ll find tangible examples of search strings you can use to find and engage hiring managers on LinkedIn.

How (and Why) to Expand into a New Recruitment Niche

In this article , you’ll find an action plan for how to figure out new recruitment niches you can expand into so you can continue to become known and respected in the industry.

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