Sourcing top talent has always been a challenge, but even more so in 2022. Many recruiters are working more open job requisitions than normal, and they just don’t have enough time to try and source new, passive talent.

In a candidate-driven market, there’s no shortage of choices in where to work. That is why we’re seeing more companies get competitive in the areas of compensation, WFH options, and flexibility of how and where work gets done.

So, how do we source more effectively?

We recently sat down with Brian Fink, a sourcing and recruiting wizard at Twitter, to learn some creative strategies on:

New channels for sourcing talent (not just relying on the LinkedIn)

Sourcing KPIs that you should care about

Boolean search strings and best practices

Brian’s 6 points of personalization for better candidate outreach

Interested in digging deeper into this conversation? Check out the full video webinar recording here.