Here’s what we’ve done in September

  • Tasks and requiring personalization on sequence steps

  • Handling contact errors in mass

  • Custom reporting periods and export options

  • Crelate Integration

  • 30 Days at a Glance

Tasks and requiring personalization on sequence steps

We’ve added in a really convenient way to customize a step for each of your contacts at scale. Under our new navigation, you’ll see a new tab called “Tasks” where you’ll be able to get a list of your contacts that need personalization and an editor to personalize the message. You’ll also get an overview for each contact so you can use that information when writing your message.


To activate personalization on a step, click the “change” button under your sequence step’s copy and flip the switch to require personalization.


Now whenever any of your contacts reach that step, you’ll be asked to personalize their message in the Task section of Interseller.

Handling contact errors in mass

Under tasks, you’ll also see another tab called “needs attention.” This gives you a really easy way to view all of your contact errors and resolve them globally throughout all of your sequences.


Custom reporting periods and export options

Instead of defining the periods of your reports, we’ve now added in the ability to customize the date ranges for your reports. We’ve also given you the ability to export the raw numbers for each of your reports.


Crelate Integration

You can now integrate directly with Crelate and have all of your Interseller contacts sync directly as candidates into Crelate. We now also de-duplicate against Crelate so that you can rest assured that we won’t message candidates you’ve added into Crelate in the past.

30 Days at a Glance

The sequence overview graphs have also changed. Instead of having a funnel-like graphic, we changed it to raw numbers that you care about most. If you hover over “this week” in the messages sent box, you’ll also get a break down of how many messages we plan to send throughout the week.


Behind the Scenes

We’ve also improved many other things behind the scences that are not as glorious, but here’s the rest:

  • Improved email validation and lookups

  • Rewritten links for both open and click tracking

  • Visibility into the number of first messages and bounces in report exports

  • Increased server capacity for reliability

Coming Soon

We’ve been building and testing a ton of other features that we’re not just ready to release. We’re hoping to release call steps and a dialer in the next month or so!