Here’s what we’ve done in June

  • Drag and drop images

  • Email notifications for bulk lookups and sequence exports

  • Manual “booked” status

  • Pause contacts in bulk

  • Gmail signature import

  • Update email addresses

Drag and drop images

As part of our branded domains, adding images to your sequence steps are now as easy as ever. You can now drag and drop your images straight into the editor and we’ll handle the rest.


Email notifications for bulk lookups and sequence exports

Exporting a large list of contacts or running bulk lookups on a several thousand contacts can take quite some time. Knowing when it has finished can also be a pain. There, we made it easier to get you through your day by sending you an email notification with a link to download the results when it has finished.

export notifications

Manual “booked” status

Even though we automatically mark contacts as “booked” from your calendar events, we’re now giving you the ability to mark them manually. This way you can book meetings in other calendars and keep your stats accurate.


Pause contacts in bulk

You can now select multiple contacts at once to pause or unpause a contact’s sequence. It’s great for moments when someone replies on behalf of an organization and you want to target the rest of the org at a later date.


Gmail signature import

We’re making it really easy to import your signature from Gmail. If you have one set already, you’ll see a link to import it swiftly. Clicking it will fill the box with everything you need!

Update email addresses

We like keeping a record of truth when a message was sent for a contact already but it was a pain when you were trying to update their email address especially after it has bounced. We made it a little bit easier to fix emails by adding the ability to clone the contact with a new email. You can find the option when clicking “fix email” on the bounced status.


Behind the scenes

We also focused a lot on improving the performance of our app. For example, we added support for larger blacklists and beefed up our Chrome extension for resiliency.