What’s new in May?

  • Email Spam List Checks

  • Sequence States on Dashboard

  • Zapier Improvements & Suggested Zaps

  • Account Throttling

  • Improved Speed and Accuracy

Email Spam List Checks

In case you haven’t noticed yet, in your weekly Interseller report you’ll find the addition of a spam list check. The spam list check was implemented to assure that your emails get delivered without being filtered as spam. Interseller will continuously monitor your email sending report and notify you and our team if there are any issues that need to be resolved.Read more in our help article about email spam list checks here…

spam list checks

Sequence States on Dashboard

See the current status of your sequences right from your dashboard. The sequence state tells you the number of emails planned to send or have been sent, notifies you if you’ve hit your volume limit, and suggests to add a step to your sequence if there is only one.

sequence status

Zapier Improvements & Suggested Zaps

Visualize your active zaps on theZapier page and find zap suggestions to automate manual tasks. If you’d like to make custom zaps visit Zapier’s integration page for Interseller.

Some suggested zaps include:

  • Saving contacts from Interseller into Google Sheets

  • Adding new Interseller contacts to Airtable

  • Create new Interseller contacts from responses to a Typeform

  • Find more onInterseller’s Zapier Page…

zapier page

Account Throttling

Account throttling is in place to monitor and limit the number of contacts being actively messaged at a company. This is to safeguard against accidently sending multiple emails to the same company at a specific time.

account throttling

Improved Speed and Accuracy

There’s a lot happening under the hood at Interseller, our team is constantly working to improve the accuracy of the data we provide and the speed at which we provide it.