The Interseller team has been hard at work making small improvements to the platform that lead to a better experience for our users. This month we’ve improved our reporting feature by adding a new way to visualize the data for your active sequences, created new contact deduplication settings, and upped the accuracy of emails requested.

Reporting Updates

Under reports we’ve added a new ‘Message Schedule’ tool, which allows you to see the amount of messages scheduled to go out over a 7 day period. We realized that as you scale up your automated outreach it’s important to have complete visibility over the amount of messages being sent out and when they’re being sent out.

Message Schedule - Reporting Tool

Contact Deduplication Settings

Adjusting your contact deduplication setting adjusts how and when we warn you about duplicate contacts across two different sequences. By default, you cannot add the same email address to the same campaign.

You can adjust the deduplication settings under your email settings in the safety section. You’ll see the following settings once you navigate there:

Contact Deduplication Settings

If you’d like to learn more about about each of the settingsclick here for a detailed break down.

Increased Email-Finder Tool Accuracy

We’re constantly working to improve the accuracy of the emails we provide our users with. This past month we’ve been working on a data project to increase the accuracy of domains on our back-end.

Chrome Extension Update

One of our most beloved features, the interseller chrome extension, got a facelift this past month. By decreasing the speed of the select all feature we were able to improve functionality while decreasing errors when moving new contacts to Interseller.

But wait, there’s more…

There’s a major redesign on it’s way soon. We’ll update you with a blog post and a webinar on all the new features and interactions we’ve built, stay tuned.