Interseller is officially 1 year old! It’s been an awesome journey and we couldn’t have done it without you. To start the new year strong, we’ve made several changes and additions to help your 2018 sales/recruiting game!

Campaign Interface Improvements

Search Improvements - We upgraded our contact search to work on partial names. Before, you’d only see “Steve” if you typed in the full name. Now you can just type in “Ste” and get results immediately without needing to type it in full. You’ll also notice that search includes company names and is really, really fast.

Better Error Messages - We’ve improved the messages of the different error states that a contact could be in. For example for “Missing Info” you’ll now be able to see which fields are missing by hovering over the error like so:

Campaign List - We moved campaign rename and archive to the campaign list screen so that way its easier to manage your campaigns all at once. We added a “pause” action so that you can take your campaign away from its active state right on the campaign list.

Contact List - We slightly revamped the contact list screen to tell you all the information you need on the list. You’ll notice that we ditched the single line rows and decided to stack information that made sense to group up together. With this new change, you’ll see exactly when they opened, clicked or replied to an email and see how many times they’ve opened it. You can also sort by this new field which will group statuses together and sort them by the latest activity.


Billing Invoices

Download Invoices - Do you need a PDF invoice instead of just an emailed receipt? You can now download all previous invoices from thebilling section.

Set Billing Email - If you’ve been forwarding your Interseller invoice each month to a different billing address you can now start saving those precious minutes. In the billing section you can now set a billing email address to keep everyone in accounting happy.

Unsubcribe Improvements

Manual Unsubscribe - In the past, in order to stop messaging a contact, you had to mark that contact as “replied” or delete them which would throw off your campaign stats. You can now manually unsubscribe them from that campaign so they stop receiving messages. This feature can be found in the contact view.

Reply Based Unsubscribes - Along with manually unsubscribing, we’ll also unsubscribe contacts if they reply back with answers like “please remove me from your list” or “stop emailing me”, etc. We leave this off by default but you can active this feature in theinbox settings in the app.

We hope you enjoy all of these new changes and additions! Each and every one of these updates is geared to help every Inteseller user get in contact with new prospects.

Happy New Year!
The Interseller Team