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Squarespace provides creative tools that power the future of the web. Shaping the future of publishing on the web requires the world’s most talented engineers, designers, and thought leaders. Before using Interseller, the Recruiting team at Squarespace would spend their mornings going through dozens of reminders to send follow-ups to prospective candidates. After catching up on all of their reminders, they would then source new candidates from several different channels. To source each candidate, they would first have to find their contact information, decide on the messaging to be sent to the candidate, and when to follow-up with them. After all this information was put into Greenhouse, they would then manually send an email to the candidate.


Squarespace decided to use Interseller, a tool that helps find prospects and scale personalized outreach, and keeps a connected Applicant Tracking System (ATS) up-to-date. Squarespace started using Interseller for recruiting engineering and product talent. After moving over their campaigns to Interseller, the Recruiting team at Squarespace no longer needed to manually follow-up with candidates in the morning, saving many hours a day. Reaching out to new candidates also became much easier since contacts could now be added to Greenhouse and emailed in one click. In addition to the easier outreach process, Greenhouse was also automatically updated on all email communication sent to a candidate once they were contacted through the platform.

Interseller automated 75% of the job of reaching out to a candidate. We're now sending 4x as many emails as well as additional follow-ups that weren’t done before.

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The team at Squarespace segment their campaigns by key role and location, customizing the email copy for each one. When a candidate the Recruiting team is contacting is referred to by an employee they use custom fields to include the referrer’s name in the email. They further personalize their emails by updating the initial and follow-up emails with details about their previous positions and education. When candidates aren’t actively looking for a job, Squarespace nurtures the relationship by checking in with them every few months.


A majority of the Recruiting team at Squarespace are now using Interseller to help bring on even more talent to their already impressive team. Squarespace has been able to increase their outreach by 4X to candidates. What used to be a very tedious task of data entry is now simplified to just a click of the button, saving hours of work every day.

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