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Leap is a legal software company founded in 1992 with offices across the US, Australia, UK, and Ireland. Interseller worked with, the American subsidiary which provides a legal case and practice management system, for law firms in New Jersey, New York, and Massachusetts.

Challenges uses cold email campaigns to reach out to its’ prospective customers - small law firms. Therefore, they needed accurate email addresses for its prospect database as well as an efficient email outreach tool. They were facing two major challenges in their email outreach process.

1. High Bounce Rate has a data team which acquires email addresses of prospects, but they had no means of verifying those emails. Consequently, they had a very high bounce rate.

Why is high bounce rate a problem? For two reasons:

Damages Your Sender Score

A bounce rate in excess of 10% is bad for your IP’s sender score. Email servers use the sender score to determine whether an email is spam or not. The worse your sender score gets an increasing number of email servers will classify your email as spam. Progressively, a higher percentage of recipients will not even receive your email in their inbox.

You Get Fewer Leads

A large percentage of your emails go into spam. Therefore, you don’t know whether those emails have been read or not, or what you should do next with those prospects. These leads are not followed up with and are effectively lost.

For every email that has bounced, your data team has to spend additional time trying to figure out the correct emails. The more time you spend trying to manually find correct emails, the less time you have to acquire new leads.

2. Campaign Activity Tracking was using Salesforce and Pardot (Salesforce’s marketing automation tool) to send emails. From the way it was configured, they were unable to keep track of who it was being emailed in their CRM. Not having the activity recorded on each opportunity made it difficult to coordinate campaigns across its in-house team and external resellers.

The Solution - Interseller

None of the tools that has used or tried out have the ability to verify emails, but Interseller has an email verification feature.

Four people in’ sales team began using Interseller. Our email verification tool made a huge difference to their campaign performance.

Without a doubt, Interseller has been super-valuable for us!

Malcolm J. Smith Malcolm J. Smith LinkedIn

Sales Development Manager


Result 1: Lower Bounce Rate now uses only emails that are verified from Interseller for its outreach campaigns. In one campaign, they sent 1400 emails with a zero bounce rate.

Result 2: More Targeted Calls knows it’s Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) very well. But how does it decide whom to call?

Earlier, the Leap sales team made calls more randomly, but Interseller campaign metrics have made the calling process more targeted. Metrics such as opens and clicks indicate a degree of interest and reaches out to those prospects first.

Result 3: More Demos attributes Interseller to doubling the number of demos given. A lower bounce rate has translated into more opens, clicks, replies and demo interests. And better campaign metrics also allow them to focus on more qualified prospects.

Result 4: Better sequence tracking

The Interseller support team helped map the email activity to both the Lead and Opportunity in Salesforce. was not able to keep accurate track of email campaigns before because of the way they use Salesforce, but this change solved their problem.

Result 5: Extremely high ROI recently closed one deal that will cover the cost of four users of Interseller for two months.

I get a response from the Interseller support team within 5 minutes even at 10:30pm!

Malcolm J. Smith Malcolm J. Smith LinkedIn

Sales Development Manager

How Does Interseller Accurately Verify Emails?

The Limitations of Most Tools

Most email finding tools crawl the web to find any email address that belongs to your prospect’s domain. Then it builds a pattern recognition for that domain.

For example, will have a pattern of {first initial}{last name} Most tools will guess the email id from this pattern unless the email is already available somewhere on the web.

However, relying only on pattern recognition has several limitations and will result in a large percentage of incorrect email ids.

The Interseller Advantage

Interseller looks up emails by verifying in real time using name patterns (prioritizing known patterns) and providing the verified email. We can also find emails that are based on edge cases such as nicknames, maiden names, and other domains.

Email verification is done by connecting to the mail server and verifying that the mail server responds to the email address. This may sound simple, but there are different types of mail servers out there and several layers on top of them, which can make the process tricky for most tools. Therefore, a common situation for many mail servers is that an email address cannot be verified. A verified email is important as it guarantees that your message will not bounce and will land in your prospect's inbox.

This is where Interseller goes the extra mile by using different APIs and data partners to verify emails that cannot be verified solely by the mail server.


Something as simple as a lower bounce rate can substantially increase your opens, clicks, demos and consequently your revenue. Just a 5% bump in your revenue can add thousands or even millions of dollars to your bottom line. Take a demo of Interseller today to see how many more qualified leads you can acquire.

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