About Honey

Honey is an easy-to-use company intranet founded at an award-winning design agency in Brooklyn. The tool provides employees with a simple, central location to find all company information as well as internally share and have discussions on useful links, documents, ideas and internal news with their colleagues, without cluttering email inboxes.

The Challenge

Honey sends cold email campaigns. Therefore, it’s essential for them to find accurate email addresses of prospects. They have used several tools and approaches over time to source accurate emails, but with limited success. As a result, Honey was experiencing an average bounce rate of 35% across its campaigns.

Why is this a problem?

35% is an extremely high bounce rate. This is a problem for two reasons:

1. A high bounce rate is very damaging to your IP’s sender score. According to Heather Morgan of Salesfolk, a bounce rate in excess of 10% will damage your domain’s sender reputation. Consequently, most of your emails will trigger spam filters and will never even reach your prospects’ inboxes.

2. Consequently, your open, click and response rates will also be very low.

What Tools was Honey using before Interseller?

Honey has tried several approaches over time before coming to Interseller:

  • Manually finding email addresses using Upwork
  • Rapportive
  • Salesloft Prospector
  • ZenProspect

These solutions are no longer used due to either no longer being supported, poor data quality or technical issues.

The Solution - Interseller

None of the above tools could address the problem of high bounce rates. That’s when Honey tried out Interseller.

They began to use Interseller’s chrome extension, which allows you to find email addresses of prospects through LinkedIn. (You can also use Interseller without LinkedIn to find any email address)


Result 1: Lower Bounce Rate

Using Interseller led to a drastic fall in the bounce rate. From 35%, it fell to 3% for US campaigns and 8% for non-US campaigns. That’s a fall of 91.4% for US campaigns and 77.1% for non-US campaigns. Honey has acquired more than 7,000 accurate emails by using Interseller.

Result 2: Higher Open Rate

Because of the reduced bounce rate, their average open rate has also increased by 10%.

Interseller is a great tool that is has been very reliable at finding the right email addresses for our prospects.

Rachel Kaplowitz Rachel Kaplowitz LinkedIn

Co-founder & CEO - Honey

Why is Interseller More Accurate?

The Limitations of Most Tools

Most email finding tools crawl the web to find any email address that belongs to your prospect’s domain. Then it builds a pattern recognition for that domain.

For example, will have a pattern of {first initial}{last name} Most tools will guess the email id from this pattern unless the email is already available somewhere on the web.

However, relying only on pattern recognition has several limitations and will result in a large percentage of incorrect email ids.

The Interseller Advantage

Interseller looks up emails by verifying in real time using name patterns (prioritizing known patterns) and providing the verified email. We can also find emails that are based on edge cases such as nicknames, maiden names, and other domains.

Email verification is done by connecting to the mail server and verifying that the mail server responds to the email address. This may sound simple, but there are different types of mail servers out there and several layers on top of them, which can make the process tricky for most tools. Therefore, a common situation for many mail servers is that an email address cannot be verified. A verified email is important as it guarantees that your message will not bounce and will land in your prospect's inbox.

This is where Interseller goes the extra mile by using different APIs and data partners to verify emails that cannot be verified solely by the mail server.


Using Interseller helped Honey to drastically slash its bounce rate thereby improving email open rates.

Depending on the nature of your business, improving open rates can drive more conversions and increase your revenue by thousands or even millions of dollars.

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