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Continuity Partners is a progressive recruiting agency based out of New York that that builds and grows engineering teams in NYC tech. In order to provide the best service to these companies, they must build and nurture relationships with talent. Before using Interseller the team would manually follow-up with each candidate and periodically update Bullhorn based on who they contacted. Sending out emails on Bullhorn was very limiting and caused a very low response rate when done in bulk.


Continuity Partners decided to use Interseller, a tool that helps find leads, scale personalized outreach, and keeps a connected CRM/ATS up to date. Continuity Partners have started using Interseller for talent placement and business development. Not only did Interseller save hours of time by handling follow-up messages, but it also updates Bullhorn with email communication, and syncs all new contacts added to sequences.

Interseller is my reliable recruiting sidekick that does all the heavy lifting.

Claudia Colonna

Talent Acquisition


The team at Continuity Partners creates sequences aligned with the caliber of talent and company and the problems they are solving. Interseller allows them to curate talent for current and future outreach to meet the talent demands and help NYCs top tech leaders advance technology. They write specific customized messaging targeted based on curation stored in interseller with automated follow-up reminders. Eliminating all the heavy lifting gives them the opportunity to deeply cultivate and nurture relationships.

Companies need talent to push advancement for their product and the industry and talent can’t keep up with the pace. Interseller has helped us stay connected, connect people, and develop new business.

Claudia Colonna

Talent Acquisition


After piloting Interseller for a few weeks, Continuity Partners now has every member of the team using Interseller. They have been able to send 4 times as many emails with several hours saved a day. They have had an average reply rate of 30% on their emails since switching over. Continuity Partners have found a solution that does all the heavy lifting for them.

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