For Recruiting Teams

Recruiting teams that start using Interseller find massive improvements in productivity. Interseller provides all the tools needed for recruiters to discover new talent, nuture existing relationships, and track all touch points with candidates to find the most effective outreach to use for the team.

Interseller isn't just for internal recruiting teams. We integrate with leading Candidate CRMs to support talented recruiting agencies like Continuity Partners.

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Rocket Sales

For Sales Teams

Interseller has all the features a Sales team needs to start booking more demos for their Account Executives. Combining prospecting and outreach tools into one simple workflow allows your Reps to start booking demos right away.

We help all our customers make sure their email copy will get the results they want, and that all messages are landing in their prospect's inbox. Learn about how we fit Leap's process.

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Other Great Sales Teams Using Interseller
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