One of the inspirations of building Interseller was to create a tool that combines functions of multiple tools in an easy to use manner at an affordable price.

A major difference between and is pricing. has variable pricing using a credit system. 1 credit allows you to email a prospect directly from drip campaigns, find at least 1 email address on a prospect's website or on a professional network profile, and verify an email address.

For $100 a month using Interseller you'll get unlimited email verifactions, email sequences, and 250 email lookups. Our sequences feature allows you to schedule emails to be sent to a prospect on a pre-determined schedule.


Find emails on social profiles

Company enrichment

Unlimited email verifactions


Connect your email account

Mail merge

Open and click tracking

Buffer time between emails

Unsubscribe links

Calendar tracking

A/B testing


Sync contacts to CRM

Pipedrive,, Salesforce, Hubspot
Pipedrive,, Salesforce, Hubspot, SalesforceIQ, +6 more

Sync activity

Outbound only
All outbound and Responses


250 contacts in a 3 step sequence


**As of April 2018

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