Many of our customers have asked us what the difference between our Chrome extension and Email Hunter is. In this article you'll find a comparison to help you make an informed decision.

Verified emails over guessing

Interseller does not charge you for each email lookup. Only verified emails will be counted for each month. Email Hunter charges you 1 credit to guess the email than an additional credit to verify. At Interseller we do an incredible amount of innovation in our email lookup algorithm to identify the correct email address.

Much more than just finding emails

Interseller is a complete outbound automation platform. Not only do we help you source new leads via social networks, such as LinkedIn. We also automate outreach by sending direct 1-1 personalized email sequences directly from your lead lists while at the same time keeping your CRM up to date. Many of our customers have consolidated several tools into one. Saving not only money, but time as well.

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