October Product Updates

Oct 17, 2018 - Steven Lu

New Interseller features to help with team collaboration

September Product Updates

Sep 11, 2018 - Steven Lu

Key updates to Interseller including the introduction of tasks and enhanced reports

July Product Updates

Jul 4, 2018 - Steven Lu

July brings new updates to sequences including image uploads and signature imports. We've also made it even easier to update contacts to various states!

June Product Updates

Jun 11, 2018 - Steven Lu

We've added in a new way to login, a professional services offering, and improved the speed of Interseller

May Product Updates

May 11, 2018 - Jonathan Grana

We've added email spam checks, sequence states on dashboard, Zapier improvements and suggested zaps, account throttling, and improved speed & accuracy.

Interseller + Zapier

Apr 5, 2018 - Steven Lu

With Zapier, you can sync contacts that you find using Interseller to over 1,000+ Zapier apps including Google Sheets, Microsoft Dynamics, Capsule CRM and more. You can even automatically add contacts into Interseller for email sequencing from any other tool also.

Introducing Branded Domains

Apr 5, 2018 - Steven Lu

To improve the deliverability and personalization of your emails we're launching branded domains. You can now choose a personalized domain to white label all of your email links with your brand.

April Product Updates

Apr 5, 2018 - Steven Lu

This update will highlight all the features we’ve added in since the redesign. We’ve added reports, an improved Zapier integration, and branded domains amongst other minor improvements.


Feb 22, 2018 - Jonathan Grana

Interseller’s entire web application has been revamped to look and feel much more intuitive. Every decision was made with the user in mind. Although, words can’t do justice to the experience we hope to give you a peak.

February Product Updates

Feb 9, 2018 - Steven Lu

The Interseller team has been hard at work making small improvements to the platform that lead to a better experience for our users. This month we’ve improved our reporting feature by adding a new way to visualize the data for your active sequences, created new contact deduplication settings, and upped the accuracy of emails requested.

January Product Updates

Jan 3, 2018 - Steven Lu

Interseller is officially 1 year old! It’s been an awesome journey and we couldn’t have done it without you. To start the new year strong, we’ve made several changes and additions to help your 2018 sales/recruiting game!

December Product Updates

Dec 6, 2017 - Jonathan Grana

This month we bring you several new features for the holidays to help you be more efficient with your time. This includes the ability to lookup many emails at once, new scheduling features, and improvements to integrations.

Lookup Emails In Bulk From Your CSV

Dec 5, 2017 - Steven Lu

We’re announcing a new feature today where you can upload a CSV of names and websites and get their fill a column with email addresses. It’s a great way to lookup emails fast with a spreadsheet without needing to do any copying and pasting.

November Product Updates

Nov 2, 2017 - Jonathan Grana

The primary themes of this month are improvements to our campaign editor and supporting more mail servers. We have a lot to share with you on how you can be more productive with Interseller and improve the response rates of your outreach.

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